Side view of Sharpnose puffer Lettuce Seaslug Waterspout way out over the Ocean Teardop crap in purple vase sponge Hermit Crab closeup Foureyed Butterflyfish School of Jacks at West End Wall Baby Trunkfish also called the Pea Adult  Spotted Trunkfish Group photo in front of Tyll's Dive logo Fresbee dive with Tyll's Dive on Roatan A big school of Horseeyed Jacks at Black Rock Another great Roatan sunset Intermediate stage of the Parotfish Dusky Damsel fish View into Tyll's Dive in West End Roatan Grouper in cleaning station Turtle closeup at Lighthouse Reef, Roatan Adult Smooth Trunkfish Flamingotongue Socializing at Tyll's Dive after a goodday of diving Arrowcrab scenery Pederson Cleaner Schrimp at your service Colorful detail from The El Aguila Wreck Divers returning from a great dive with Tyll's Dive Seahorse at Mandys Eelgarden in West Bay Roatan Turtle going up towards the sunlight Carabbiean Spiny Lobster Yellowhead Jawfish in Blue Channel One of Roatans beautiful plants Tiny Blenny looking up from its hole in coral Detail from The El Aguila Wreck Lettuce Seaslug Smotth Trunkfish stirring up the sand Dievers enjoying Ro dive sitesatan's Neckcrab Spotted Eagleray glides gracefully over the sand Angelfish closeup Anothe Turtle on a dive with Tyll's Dive Roatan Two Juvenile Trunkfish on the reef Millions of Silversides in Blue Channel Beautiful yellow Threespotted Damselfish and the blue water as background Dives decending towards El Aguila Wreck Bubbles and sunshine Featherdusters on the reef Tobaccofish can be found on many of Roatans dive sites Goldenspotted Moray eel looking up fromits hiding place Fairy Basslet Scrawled Cowfish Front view of a Spotted Drumfish Clay and Lisa, repeat divers at Tyll's Dive Hammock diving with Tyll's Dive, Roatan Front view of Sharpnose puffer with great colorful marking Intermediate stage Stoplightparrotfish Sharpnose puffer Divers gather together in Colorado, wearing Tyll's Dive t-shirts Bow of the El Aguila Wreck with growth of sponges Roatan sunset Fun at Tyll's Dive, Roatan Dive instructor teaching his student at Tyll's Dive Front view of big lionfish A small taste of Roatan reef landscape Seahorse at Mandys Eelgarden Roatan A dog watching the sunset in West End Porcupine fish Pregnant Pipehorse at Deep Seaquest one of West Ends great dive sites Lionfish Spotted Drum fish in a closeup Lizzardfish at Turtlecrossing Roatan Green Moray eel peeking out between corals Banded Coral Schrimp Brown Moray The black and white Seahorse at Mandys Eelgaden Arrowcrab at an anemone Brittlestar and small cleanerfish on a sponge Palapa in the sea

Welcome to Tyll’s Dive

We are a small dive shop on Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras. When we say we cater to small groups, we really mean it. Your family or group of friends can book and reserve our boat and our staff for the day or for the week. Tyll’s Dive takes pride in offering scuba divers a cozy family atmosphere where you are not just a number or just another diver. Our staff will provide you with personalized and unparalleled service.


We are located in the heart of West End. In less than five minutes by boat, you can be at one of the 30+ stunning dive sites within the Roatan Marine Park. We plan the dives for the day based on your preferences. You can choose to dive the wreck, explore the canyons, drift along the point or simply enjoy the diversity of Roatan’s aquatic life.


We offer a wide range of PADI courses including Discover Scuba Diving, Referrals (PADI and Universal Referral programs) and Refresher courses.


Tyll’s Dive is ideal for cruise ship passengers who prefer a small setting, personal attention and a flexible schedule. Reservations are recommended.


If you require accommodation while diving with us, we will make every effort to help you find a place that will meet your budget and needs.


Contact Dorte for your Roatan get away. We are sure you will have a great experience, fond memories and many fun stories.

Email us at or call us at +504 9698 0416